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K of C Fourth Degree

Our 4th Degree Assembly is located at the below site. Please check it out!

Cardinal O'Hara Assembly

Newsletter for 4th. Degree Members

Cardinal O’Hara Assembly #0489, 4th Degree
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Next 4th Degree Exemplification

The next 4th Degree exemplification will be held in Owosso on Oct 16th. Please consider completing your degree’s in our Honored Order, by becoming a member of the 4th Degree. For more information please contact Mike Anderson ( 734-945-9830. Or ask any member of the 4th Degree in our Council.

A walk for Mr. Obama

A little history of our roots and the strength of our nation... E Pluribus Unum.  Which, if you remember from your civics class, "From the many, One."

A Walk for the President (any American President)

Fortnight for Freedom

church and state two pieces of our society

The second annual Fortnight for Freedom, in response to the Mandate by the Health and Human Services Agency (HHS Mandate) to require companies to include contraceptive and abortion inducing drugs and equipment in their insurance plans regardless of any religious or moral objections, began on June 21 and runs through Independence Day, July 4.

Despite all the dickering and objections this mandate goes into law as of August 1, 2013.

American Flags in Saline

Allison Collins promotes American Flags in Saline

Allison Collins, a member of the Mackinac Island Governor's Honor Guard, a senior at Saline High School and one of our Parishioners here at St. Andrews, has come to respect and appreciate the American flag immensely.  As an Honor Guard, she has presided over countless flag ceremonies and developed a great pride in our flag and the republic for which it stands.  Allison is promoting awareness and flag etiquette for her Girl Scout Gold Award (Equivalent to a Boy Scout Eagle rank).  She has a three pronged approach for her project:

Presidents Day Message to the Nation

A new television commercial produced by the Order reminds Americans how God and religion were foundational to this country’s best remembered presidents.

Marriage, Life and Freedom!

An excellent video for the election season.

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